Hi!  I'm a Bay Area native living in NYC.  I operate under the premise that life is short and everything we dream is possible. (see other life mantras)

Product Manager

My passion is for mission-driven, consumer-facing tech.  

I'm a people person and a numbers person. I like to test, ship, and learn quickly. I love users and data, and my favorite design challenge is building strong teams with strong process.

I'm stoked to be working at Upworthy as a senior PM. Previously I worked at Time Inc and at Zoodles, where I spent 4 years as the sole PM before being acquired by HTC.

I started a company called qinship out of the belief that nobody ever needs to feel lonely, and to create feel-good ways to meet new people.

I throw qinship events regularly and am currently rebuilding the site as a Rails app to include a membership / social networking component.


I recently finished editing my book
The Pures
. Have a read! :)

Check out my writing on Medium.  You can find my poetry here.

As a playwright, I've had plays staged at Berkeley Rep and Off-Off-Broadway at The Flea Theater.

I was a proud member of PlayGround, the Bay Area's leading playwright incubator, for 2 years.  Here's my playwriting resume.

I love books. I troll used bookstores regularly and power-use GoodReads


Acting is my way of playing and being present. I've been involved in theater & film as an actor, writer and producer for over 10 years. I was a proud Bat at the Flea Theater under Jim Simpson.

Check out my acting website, sign up for email updates, or find me on IMDB.

Along the way I see a lot of shows and tweet my reviews under We See Shows.


Sometimes I write and record my own songs. Just got an MXL770 that I'm excited about!

Check out my music on Soundcloud.

Here's some of the music I've been listening to lately.


Here's a list of other side projects I've been tinkering on:

Holler if you wanna help!


Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Email me at rachel.t.yong@gmail.com