the pures

by rachel yong

The Pures imagines a world where ideological differences literally divide us. Meet Barb, a teenager who lives Inside, where the Pures cling to traditional beliefs like one father, one mother, and one God. Meet Jimmy, a teenager from the Outside, where race and war no longer exist. The story of The Pures begins when a major factory collapses in Pureside, and Outsiders like Jimmy must cross the Line for the first time.

"The Pures lived in their own kind of neighborhood. While the rest of the world spread cunningly around the globe and inhabited its cities and forests and plains with a grand sense of stewardship, the Pures settled stubbornly into the ghettos. They "settled" into the tattered trash and stank piss because of one thing: their principles. And principles, as we've learned, are dangerous things."


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