the pures

by rachel yong

And so it was. And so the world of known humans went on that way, with the Pures gravitating towards one another and the Outsiders doing just the same. Like with like.

The Divide, however, bled to nothing. Barb and Jimmy, Davis and Lily, Solomon and Judy, even Paltron – each with their own lives to lead, and personal exigencies driving them to cross it – became acutely aware that the Line was, in fact, nothing. It had always been nothing. It was quite simply the formalization of something that had always been innate.

And as they crossed back and forth – on their missions to take down DOMO, and to visit one another – they made new rules to match their ways of living, and they became evangelists of this very message. The Line bifurcated into many lines, into many-lingered cuts along the wrist of a population ever coming-of-age.

Division, then, will it always exist? Perhaps. But you, yourself, as a whole being, as a pure being, as a being that survives and is not split in two, we certainly hope that you know where you stand.



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